South Africa’s Rommel: General Constand Viljoen died … of natural causes…


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[This guy was the best general South Africa had in the time of the Jewish/Communist inspired (fake) Liberation wars of Southern Africa. He fought the Russians, Cubans and Blacks in Angola like crazy. He was the best general South Africa had. There were many really clever guys who were generals. 

In the SADF at the time, you had to have a university degree before you could even become an officer. There were many officers in the SADF who had Ph.ds. They were clever men. One general, was actually a scientist. 

CLEVER, STRONG white males are needed to run our future white armies. The Roman Army was a similar type of thing. As someone said: The Roman army was a construction company with weapons! If you saw what the Roman army did, you would understand. They had all kinds of technical expertise. The Roman army was not composed of idiots and fools, but of all white males of extreme skill. When intelligent white men set out to kill … they do well. You'll see the same in the armies of Napoleon, but especially Hitler. Jan]

General Constand Viljoen, a former commander of the South African Defence Force (SADF) and the founding leader of the Freedom Front Plus, has died at the age of 86.

“I can confirm that General Viljoen has died on his farm in Ohrigstad (in Mpumalanga) surrounded by most of his five children at around 13:00 on Friday. He died of natural causes,” said Pieter Groenewald, leader of the Freedom Front Plus.

Viljoen, who was chief of the army during the so-called Bush or Angolan War in the 1970s, rose to become chief of the defence force under then president PW Botha.

He was considered “a soldier’s soldier” and often took part in operations alongside his men. He is credited with helping to defuse the threat of right-wing violence ahead of the first democratic elections in 1994, and became the first leader of the Freedom Front, who he led in the elections.

“We would like to offer our condolences to his wife, Risti, and to pay tribute to General Viljoen, who enjoyed wide respect as a soldier and made his mark as a politician. He helped pave the way for a stable transition to democracy,” Groenewald said.

This is a developing story.

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