S.Africa: Groups of Non-Whites fight each other & kill each other: 7 dead – Army & Police called in – My Comments

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[The SANDF is the army. I'm not sure what the cause of this was, but it is the first time I have heard of even the army being called in to help. It seems that there must have been real fears that this could grow into something much bigger. This adds to my views that South Africa will BREAK APART. It is held together now, but I think breaking it apart is definitely the future. This is also the future for Africa as a whole, and I would say that I think most, if not all black countries will break apart in the decades to come. This is VERY REAL. Do NOT believe the Jewish Communist nonsense that when the White man is gone that everything will be fine and everyone will live together in peace. This is TOTAL HOGWASH. Wait until these peoples get going. They have plenty of hatred of their own for their own races!! And various non-Blacks are themselves filled with their own issues and hatreds. The future could be very wild, and TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO WHAT JEWS ARE TELLING YOU! TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Jan]

Seven men were killed after two opposing groups of people clashed at the Mpeni locality of Mount Ayliff in the Eastern Cape Province.

It emerged from eye witness accounts that, at approximately 05:00 on 25 December 2020, a group of Mpeni men clashed with a group from the Nokhatshiles leaving seven dead mostly from the latter group.

A further six men from both sides have been hospitalized after sustaining serious injuries during the clash.

The Acting National Commissioner, Lieutenant General Sindile Mfazi has firstly ordered the mobilization of the 72-hour Activation Plan which entails the mobilisation of manpower and resources from Crime Intelligence, Forensic Services and Detective Services. General Mfazi has also ordered for the immediate deployment of reinforcements to ensure a speedy stabilization of the area, which is currently very tense.

“I am appealing to the community within the Mount Ayliff and surrounding areas to exercise maximum restraint and to assist police in their investigations to bring those responsible for these attacks to book”, said General Mfazi.

The South African National Defence Force has joined forces with the South African Police Service to pursue suspects who are possibly hiding in a vast, unforgiving and undulated area around Mt. Ayliff.

The SANDF is assisting with equipment, including helicopters and providing reinforcements as a force-multiplier to our already deployed reinforcements

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/eastern-cape/7-men-killed-during-clash-mount-ayliff/

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