Video: S.Africa: Boere Legion: Race War: Preparing for White Self-Defence

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This video is about my contact with the Boere Legion. I explain how it was that I first got in touch with Izak Van Zyl, their leader, over a mistake I made that caused a *LOT* of people to get very angry with me including farming organisations, security people, etc.

This later led to me meeting Christo Jonck the 2IC of Boere Legion and Rodney Baartman of USAF. I explain some of the things that went wrong with the Khoi King’s flopped secession in the Cape a few months back.

I discuss Boere Legion meetings I attended and what people said. Ruan, whose contact details are below, gave some of the lectures. The Boere Legion give free lectures with various modules covering the things whites need to do to protect themselves. We discussed what whites can do in the event of anarchy and race war.

We discussed convoys, like those proposed by the Suidlanders, and the dangers therein. We even discussed what could happen in a war in the cities and what we could do including stealing the necessities we would need in order to survive.

I was very impressed with the Boere Legion’s radio network and the aerials they invented which take small walkie talkie radios which have a normal range of 2-3Km, and how they boosted them up to a range of 26 Km! I discuss their world first inventions in this regard. I have nothing but the highest praise for what they’ve done with their radio network. I really enjoy it when whites are creative.

I talk about the psychological effects on the blacks, of Boere telling blacks that we have a plan in the event of race war if they attack us.

You can contact the Boere Legion via Ruan. This is his mobile number: +27 61 337 4176 – 061 337 4176.

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