Gustav Muller & Simon Roche: The Sneaky Suidlanders latest move to HIDE money questions?

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[When I was a kid in Rhodesia, we used to get BEANO comics from Britain. Comics were what kids read before the Internet existed. One of the characters in the beano comics was “Roger the Dodger”. Roger was a sneaky, sly, naughty kid avoiding things with his “dodges”.

Gustav Muller of the Suidlanders should adopt the name: Roger the Dodger to explain his own activities over the years!

When I mentioned a few weeks ago that my legal letters to the Suidlanders had been physically delivered to their offices and that I now have legal proof of that … Simon Roche ran off whining and trying to see who he could turn against me and what lies he could tell. I saw to my horror that he had even gone to John De Nugent, a long time NAZI in the USA who has written many good things, and done German translations and work for The Barnes Review.

I was rather astounded that John was saying that he was deleting comments on his website from my supporters. But I then realised that Roche must have been talking lots of nonsense to John. JDN knows me for a long time. We’ve never had fights or misunderstandings before.

I later saw that JDN tried to explain my actions by suggesting that I had been compromised by the ANC. It was clear from what JDN wrote that until now he had never had reason to suspect that I am anything but genuine.

John, no, I’ve not been compromised by the ANC or anyone else. I’m still writing and expressing my views as before. However, if you go back to 2007, you’ll see that back then I was already calling out the Suidlanders and their dodgy actions which were causing great panic among the Boers.

Nobody mentions that the Suidlanders, for many years made stacks of money by claiming that when Nelson Mandela dies, that that is when “Uhuru” will happen as Gustav Muller called it, and that all the whites would be killed. They were selling DVDs at quite a price for years, telling the whites about this belief of theirs.

Now they conveniently forget their past inaccuracies and now they try to peddle new ideas.

In my legal letters to the Suidlanders, which I need to publish, you’ll see that I raised some things about them, which seem to have caused them some discomfort, and they have not been as open as they claim they are. Instead, they try to hide things from their followers and sneak some things by.

For example, they were quick to publicise in April that they were sending me a legal letter. But when I responded early in May, they did NOT notify anyone that I had in fact, replied to them. They kept it all quiet until I announced a few weeks ago that I now can provide legal proof that they have my letters in their hands.

In my 2nd legal letter to them, from the end of July, I had commented that it was good to see that Gustav Muller had finally made it as a director on the board of directors of the Suidlanders! I bet that their followers never knew that Gustav was never actually legally a director of the Suidlanders. He only became one in late May, about 12 days after my 1st legal letter to them! When I reveal the contents of that letter, and the story behind it you’ll understand more.

In those letters to the Suidlanders, I suspect that they were very unhappy with the fact that I pointed out that since they were actually a CHARITY (a Non-Profit Company – NPC), that they needed to disclose their books to anyone who asked.

On I got an urgent comment from someone (possibly a Suidlander), who said: Surely the financial books can only be disclosed to people who have already donated and not just to the general public? No! That’s a silly proposition! So you think that someone must first give money to the Suidlanders or some other NPC and only then can they ask to see the books? That is ridiculous! The point is to ensure that all dealings with the public (who might or might not be donors), get to see what is going on in the organisation. It is to ensure that the organisation is truly transparent.

Somebody showed me a video where Simon Roche was trying to make the point in recent months that the Suidlanders are truly a TRANSPARENT ORGANISATION!! Hahahaha. I had a good chuckle at that!

Well, let me tell you a little secret about these Suidlanders … They clearly are feeling extremely uncomfortable about being TRANSPARENT, despite Roche’s claims to the contrary!

The Suidlanders are currently busy with a new move … They’re busy degreistering Suidlanders as an NPC. They’ve been at it for a few weeks.

Clearly this transparency is irking them a lot. So what will they become now?

I have not revealed all the things I know about them – not even in those legal letters. In fact, the legal letters contain strange questions which I need to show you.

Here is a little titbit about the Suidlanders that I’ve never mentioned before. It is possible that the Suidlanders might even own a liquor store. I’m not 100% certain. But it was something that reached me via a source I trust a lot.

The Suidlanders seem to have no shortage of US Donors whereas other Christians I know, like Dr Peter Hammond, of the Frontline fellowship (also a Rhodesian), recently lost a big donor in the USA. That donor, who knew him for 20 years personally, cut off a massive amount of funding because he is one of the rare Christians who openly states that he is AGAINST interracial marriage. His donors cut him off recently citing 2 reasons:-
1. He has openly stated that he is against interracial marriage.
2. They listened to an interview he had with me, and they cited what he said on the Interview with me as another one of the reasons they were cutting off his funding. He has taken a huge hit as a result of that.

Dr Hammond’s website is here:

Consider supporting a Christian who actually makes a stand on some real issues and who takes beatings as a result of standing up for them. Jan]

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