VERY URGENT: Software fixes on AfricanCrisis – The Free books nobody is receiving.


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This is a quick note to let you know that I’m back on track after my hectic internet problems of February.

I’m busy this week with a bunch of changes, and in it will be the fixes for the free book that nobody is getting. I currently have a very critical problem on – Below are my priorities for this week:

My goal is to ensure that on a weekly basis, that I tackle either bugs or some new features that I need.

I will also begin a process of hardening the sites and making things more secure.

For the most part you won’t notice anything.

So my plan as it stands now are 3 critical things that I want to hit this week:-

1. Move HistoryReviewed to a new server.
2. Make minor security fixes on HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis tomorrow & Free book not going out.
3. Look at urgently fixing the comments. I have really been enjoying comments on Bitchute, and its very long overdue that I have proper comments features that flow along on my sites. People have been very frustrated over the years.

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