About the Israeli Mossad Snipers who were killed in Zimbabwe in 2017 – Source info found

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[I ran this story a short while ago: How 10 Israeli Mossad snipers were killed in Africa! – Zimbabwe: When Mugabe hired Mossad to kill his Generals!. Then I did an update saying that old Rhodesian soldiers pooh poohed the story: Israeli election rigging, diamonds & the Israeli Mossad Snipers who were killed in Zimbabwe in 2017

I was concerned that the source of the story was unreliable. But I made some interesting discoveries. Some aspects of this story do have a genuine source, in a South African newspaper. Therefore I can establish, with certainty, that the newspaper did say there were “Israeli bodyguards” and at least 1 was killed. I am a little bit skeptical about “Israeli bodyguards”. This could be a rumour or propaganda or disinformation based on real facts, like the $10 million that was at that blacks’ home. So the story is not completely sucked out of someone’s thumb. This story, might be a lie, but if so, its then a lie that has a purpose. This lie flew around with quite a lot of intensity. I think that is my final conclusion. Jan]

Here’s what I wrote back to the old soldiers:-

Hi xxx,

… snip …
You have a good point about myzimbabwe. I think I may have found more which explains this story.
xxxx did confirm to me that he had heard the story of the “2 dead Israeli bodyguards” during the coup. I also recall it, but can’t remember the source.
I hunted and can’t find any story on the internet about the 2 dead Israelis. However, on wikipedia, for this coup, at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Zimbabwean_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat
The army also raided the home of Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo, but they came under fire from his private Israeli security guards.[18]:6 One member of the guard was killed.[18]:6 Chombo was detained and assaulted by the troops; US$10 million in cash was found in the house.[18]:6
But you need to be a subscriber to read the article. So clearly The Sunday Times did print a story mentioning (a) Israeli body guards, one of whom was killed
(b) The discovery in the house of Chombo of $10 million – which is the sum of money given as the amount to be paid to the Mossad. 
I have uncovered that the MyZimbabwe story, is, WORD FOR WORD, the same as stories published in December 2017. 
The other was Zim-Eye, investigating it. Zim-Eye investigated it, and put it in a video. This is quoted in the Zambian Observer: 
Zim-Eye says this story is a rumour that flew out with great intensity. So it is not something myzimbabwe made up.
If the story of the $10 million is true, it might lend credence to the story? But the story could also be something someone just built, based on the $10 million?
Chombo’s attorney denied the story. The rumour, on the bottom of the 2 websites quoted above, claims as its source, a jail cell guard who spoke to Chombo. That makes no sense at all.
So this is definitely a rumour that flew around at lot at the time. Definitely The Sunday Times mentioned “Israeli bodyguards” and that at least one was killed. That’s as much as I can establish.

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