In the End … All Whites will have to break EVERY LAW and EVERY MORAL CODE

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Video: TOP SECRET: The Jew who killed S.Africas Prime Minister Dr Hendrik Verwoerd
This is the GREATEST POLITICAL SECRET in South African history. This is the never before told story of the Jewish machinations behind the assassination of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd. This has been a secret for decades. Jews have made every attempt to hide this bombshell.

When I look at the struggles of our people and all the things that are going wrong, due to Jews and their Fellow travellers (e.g. Secret Societies, FreeMasons, Communists, Liberals and sexual deviants) … I think our people will battle all kinds of weird and bizarre problems in the years ahead. But thank goodness, thanks to COVID, this process is massively speeded up. So we’ll be racing through all the weird, nutty, bizarre, creepy terrain in a short matter of time rather than it taking another 50 or 70 years. THIS IS GOOD.

But I must warn all Whites up front, that you must be careful of what you believe and the arguments you will make. Go ahead and make your arguments to your friends and others as you try to red pill them.

But I must warn you, that in the end, we are going to face an IMPLACABLE ENEMY whom you CANNOT SPEAK TO. You CANNOT. No amount of talking and reasoning will work. The matters at hand ARE TOO IMPORTANT.

Liberals lie to you and claim that you must TALK everything out. You’ll see this is NOT POSSIBLE and the Jews, Blacks and Liberals WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS.

I want to warn you, that when all the water has flowed under the bridge, that IN THE END… it will depend on FIREPOWER.

In the end, Whites will find that they have their backs to the wall and that EVERY LAW and EVERY MORAL CODE that we have ever held dear, WILL HAVE TO BE BROKEN.


This is how it will end. You will see that we have TOTALLY IMPLACABLE ENEMIES. There will be no argument that will be allowed to be fair … there will be no election that can be allowed to be fair … and there will be no legal procedure that will be allowed to be fair.

In the end, everything will be determined by PHYSICAL FORCE.

What is good is that ALL OF SOCIETY IS MELTING DOWN. This will assist us FANTASTICALLY.

The Jews and Blacks have spent so much time being criminals, and liars, and in the end, as Alex Linder says, THE LOW MAN DETERMINES THE FIGHT … and we will have to meet them all on that level. In the end, there will be no place for the law or for any kind of morality. It will be totally dependent on the ability of White men to use FORCE to defend and hold on to that which is theirs.

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National Vanguard
This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

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