IMPORTANT: Website Links not working & Website down time…

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Just a note. I had a number of people email me about links not working either on HistoryReviewed or AfricanCrisis.

I have not looked more closely at this, but I had about half a dozen complaints, and am waiting for specific urls to see if this is a permanent problem or not.

I have noticed, on my monitoring software that AfricanCrisis, especially, seems to suffer from short periods of downtime.

I have not overtly noticed whether this is happening to HistoryReviewed much, but I have seen it at least once.

If you run into a problem where a link I have emailed you, is not working, can you please also just go to the website’s home page by typing the url: or and then see if the website at that time is up or whether it is down.

I am trying to figure out whether the "link problem" is a real LINK PROBLEM or whether it is related to short periods of downtime of the website as a whole.

And I would appreciate feedback from any of those of you who experience this.

Repeat: If you do get one of my emails and you click and get a page 404 error on a link, then please do the above test and also drop me a line on the contact us page, or email me, and given me the actual link you had a problem with.

I am working a *LOT* on technical stuff lately. I am focusing intensely on website stuff at the moment. I will do more updates on this. I am busy with a lot of very critical work that is most important for my sites. And there is a *LOT* of it to do.


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