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This is from a good German friend of mine, whom I’ve known for decades. He sent me this. He says there are more than100,000 Chinese in NORTHERN ITALY!!!! So Chinese are the main ones dropping dead. I also heard, that northern Italy has lot of air pollution and is more industrialised So that may explain the pandemic in northern Italy:

There is a very strong over-reaction to this virus. Yearly between 1.5 and 2 million people die

of tuberculosis, no one even talks about it.

One may assume, the money-power is testing how to lock people in or out.

All media portray and distribute the same hype, crap and fear.

The 110,000 Chinese in Northern Italy, they are not even mentioned in the media.

The people, who have died, may have died for a number of reasons, not necessarily of this
virus alone!

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16 Pics: A Jewish Communist assassin stabbed S.African Prime Minister Dr Hendrik Verwoerd to DEATH!
Dr Hendrick Verwoerd was the Prime Minister of South Africa. He was *HATED* by the Jews and is regarded as the main creator of Apartheid. Apartheid was White Racialism whereby all Whites (Afrikaans and English) ruled SA together. Verwoerd was unquestionably the Greatest White leader in the history of SA. Jews had him killed.

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