Nelson Mandela and the Jews: The plot to destroy White Rule in South Africa

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Video & Audio: What Jews tell each other in Private: Jewish Racism and Jewish Supremacism
We take a look at some pieces of video footage where Jews talk and we hear exactly what they say, and how they act when they are together. Over many centuries in Europe, Whites confronted Jews many times and asked them questions about what they really believe or think or say. Jews denied certain things. But in this video we look at some actual film footage and analyse it.

This is just a quick note which relates to the short video I put out about Nelson Mandela’s stance on the Jews and also a little bit of the evidence of how close he was to Jews. Nelson and Winnie Mandela were, literally, house friends with "White" South African Jews.

The video dealing with Mandela and the Jews is by no means comprehensive. There were a *LOT* of "White" South African Jews who were working for BLACK COMMUNIST REVOLUTION in South Africa and who wanted Whites overthrown. I’m merely showing you a tiny handful of key people in Mandela’s life. The Jewish role in: The ANC, but especially in the South African Communist party is HUGE. I mean HUGE. And it goes back literally, 100 years, and it is mostly unknown to Whites in South Africa. Jews were pushing Communism a long, long time ago. They worked for decades and decades to spread communism and to turn the Blacks against the Whites. I should add too, briefly, that the Russians, the Soviet Union, was kicked out of South Africa in the mid-1950s because they were also pushing communism and giving the Blacks money to foment unrest and violence. The whole process that led to Blacks fighting Whites is actually a process that took SEVERAL DECADES. It started in the late 1920’s and it only reached its fever pitch 60-70 years later. The order, from Russia, to turn South Africa into a Black Communist state, was issued in 1927/8 and it took 66 years before the Whites fell. There were White Liberals in South Africa in the 1960s who thought the Whites would be GONE by the 1970s! The Whites lasted a very long time actually, and could have lasted even longer. The survival of the Whites of South Africa, and especially of the Boere-Afrikaners is actually quite a hell of a story. And … the LAST CHAPTER of the Boere-Afrikaners/Whites of South Africa … HAS NOT BEEN WRITTEN!!!!!!! We’re NOT FINISHED!

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Video: Jews explain that they own and control HISTORY! They will smear their enemies FOREVER
In this video we study something that Jews do behind the scenes. We look at Jews trying to silence someone with a private meeting and threats. I analyse what exactly the Jews say, and what it means. Once you understand this youll realise that Jews have poisoned ALL of WESTERN HISTORY! Youll never view history or the conclusions about anyone in history, the same ever again.

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