Farm murder Porterville Western Cape – Family tortured and killed


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This is a photo I got years ago. I think a Boer did this. I think, based on the photo, that this is definitely the work of a Boer.

Farm murder Porterville Western Cape – Family tortured and killed

Volkskrag News reported on a farm attack in Porterville earlier this morning. We only had basic information at that point.

Incident/Event Date and Time: 2024/07/01 03:54:00

Here’s what took place

In the early hours of the morning, five attackers crawled under an electric fence and broke into a porterville farmhouse

The 65-year-old elderly farmer was repeatedly stabbed in his back, chest and neck with knives.

The  Farmers wife was reportedly tied up and tortured but got loose and called for help from adjoining farmers

The attackers fled with 5 firearms and electronic paraphernalia

The farmer was rushed to the nearest hospital but has already succumbed due to his wounds. The victim was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital

The farmer’s wife was hospitalized and is currently being treated for her wounds

Police are searching for a silver audi with a registration number CF. 235-146 linked to the attack. According to reports, the attackers were travelling in the car in the Paarl/Klapmus area.

Source: White Cross Monument


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