TOP SECRET: Professional Australian Snipers in the Rhodesian War?

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This is an international report that was published recently. At this source link you‘ll see some interesting charts and statistics. South Africa was never like this under Apartheid.

[One of my supporters wrote this very interesting comment below one of my videos. I have never heard of anything like this before. I have never heard of snipers in the Rhodesian war. I'm sure they had to exist but if so, what were their tasks? Who did they kill? Where? Were they merely sitting and killing terrorists from some hidden position? Generally it was hard to find the terrorists and when they were around it was only for a fleeting time. What is interesting in the comments below is that this story seems to be suppressed. I'll have to look more into this. If anyone has ever met such persons, or come across more info then i'm interested. Jan]

The supporter wrote:

I met a guy here in Australia who fought in the Rhodesian war. They were professional hunters and worked as snipers but they were not considered part of the army. He was jailed when he got back to Australia for a couple of years because of this. Really interesting story. He is still being monitored by the Federal Police here and is not allowed to tell his story publicly.

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