The Problems of the White Farmers in South Africa

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[This is an article I wrote about 2 years ago, for someone. I've never published it on my websites. Jan]

The Problems of the White Farmers in South Africa

Much of the history of southern Africa of the last 60 years is shrouded more in lies than in the truth. The Liberal version of the events in southern Africa are carefully written so as to hide many important facts.

The so-called Liberation wars of Africa are NOT a spontaneous outburst as the Liberal media of the West like to pretend. Instead these problems have been created by communists, mostly sponsored by Russia and China.

The blacks were indoctrinated with communism and taught communist theory and communist revolutionary methods. The Liberal media likes to leave out much of the deliberate, planned terror and murder which these blacks were taught as part of the revolution aimed at breaking the power of whites in southern Africa.

Starting in the Portuguese colonies, especially in Angola, white farmers have been targetted for slaughter. This began in the early 1960s.

Later, in the 1970s, when Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) resisted black communist terrorism, the farmers there too came under attack. In Rhodesia, the white farmers were attacked at night by groups of black terrorists armed with AK47’s, machine guns and even RPG’s (Rocket Propelled Grenades) as well as handgrenades and even mortars. Due to the extreme violence and danger the farmers spent a lot of money on hardening their homes against such brutal attack.

In South Africa, attacks as violent as those of the Rhodesian war were not possible because of the nature of the countryside. South Africa is flatter, more open and harder to operate in using the same guerilla methods that worked in Rhodesia. There is less bush to hide in and South Africa’s Police and army had a far better ability to intercept and control terrorist gangs sent by the ANC (African National Congress).

So ironically, during the worst violence of South Africa in the 1980s, farm attacks were not seen as a huge problem.

The problem of farm murders and attacks seems to have begun quietly and insidiously in the 1990s as ANC power grew and as the ANC came to power. It came without fanfare and it was only by the late 1990s that word began to get round that hundreds of farmers had already been murdered – a number far greater than anything that had been seen in Angola or Rhodesia.

Let it be said that the number of white farmers in South Africa exceeded the number in Rhodesia. In Rhodesia there were about 5,000 white farmers in the year 2000, whereas South Africa had over 60,000 white farmers at the time when the ANC came to power.

The nature of the farm attacks in South Africa resembled crime rather than the military attacks that had occurred in Rhodesia. It is my view that the ANC, like other black communists in Africa have known that the greatest white opposition they would face would come, not from urban whites but from the white farmers. I am convinced that the murder of the farmers is a political/military strategy that the ANC would never publicly admit to, but which is utterly necessary in the long term because white farmers traditionally would resist black rule, especially when it has communist, anti-white agendas.

It is my view that the blacks decided to do everything in their power to drive white farmers off the land in South Africa using terrorism disguised as crime because they want to seize the farms. I don’t think it is as important for them to get the land as it is for them to get these future problematic whites off the land, even if it means possible food shortages.

The farmers face many nightmares as a result of black rule that is hostile to whites. The communist trade unions have played a major role in disrupting labour relations in South Africa and this also affects the farmers.

Since the time of black rule, life has been so tough for South Africa’s farmers that we now have approximately half as many white farmers as we had when the blacks took over. We’re down to about 30,000 white farmers who are feeding 50 million people.

It is my view that the ANC govt has no interest in helping the farmers to fight crime in any way. In fact, more than 10 years ago, the govt forced the white farmers to disband their Commando units. The white farmers had for decades formed their own commando units for self defence. The govt forced them to disband these units claiming, falsely, that the Police would help the farmers. This did not happen.

The govt does not even recognise farm murders as a fact, despite many investigations which have shown that there is some kind of deliberate targetting of the farmers. The govt says that farm murders do not exist, despite the massively disproportionate killing of white farmers as a proportion of the population.

The govt generally does not recognise crime as a serious problem for whites either in cities or even on the farms. The govt shows no interest or desire to do anything practical despite many loud claims that they will do something.

I think white farmers in South Africa face a bleak future with unco-operative farm workers and a hostile govt.

Probably the most ominous development in December 2017 has been an announcement at the ANC congress, that Ramaphosa, saw to it that the topic of seizing farms without paying for them, is something that the ANC must do. This would take us down the path of Zimbabwe where, over a period of 10 years, Mugabe drove the white farmers out, while pretending that the black masses wanted this. We are now at the point where we can go down the Zimbabwe route towards ruin.

The ANC and the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), who are even more firmly communist and hostile to farmers and whites, have between them, got the two-thirds majority that is necessary to change the South African constitution in order to allow them to seize farm land at will. We will have to watch this development early in 2018 to see if they do this in parliament. If so, then we have a very serious problem on our hands.

The blacks of South Africa face a big unemployment problem as does the whole country. But their methods and communist influenced hostile attitudes do not bode well for the future.

It may be that farming, which once was an extremely prosperous vocation in southern Africa for whites is an industry that is dying. It is likely though that some bigger farms and bigger farm owners will gain ground while the majority go downhill.

Automation is something that farmers and businesses in general have been doing in South Africa since the 1980s due to the instability of black labour.

What few people know is that in Zimbabwe, the hostile black govt targetted farmers based on their political views. I am convinced the same thing will happen in South Africa. That land will be seized from farmers on the pretence that the blacks want it, when in fact, the govt will be targetting whites whom it sees as its future enemies.

The farmers have not been sitting still. They have taken ever more security precautions with regard to crime and farm attacks. Even though the number of attacks on farmers have increased each year the truth is that the number of farmers actually killed remains approximately constant these days at about 75 per year. So farm murders alone cannot collapse the industry any time soon. But if the govt decides to seize land without paying for it, then the industry can be collapsed.

In Africa things are not what they seem and the fake reasons given by the black govt for doing what they do hides its real malicious intentions and goals.

I am convinced that white arguments about “food security” are meaningless to the govt. The govt sees these whites as a threat and it has also lied to the blacks about the benefits they will get from owning farms. The reality is that in South Africa as well as Zimbabwe, black ownership of farms has been a total flop. Blacks have been given many farms, some of them were enormous. One farm alone was worth R100 million. The vast majority of farms given to blacks, perhaps 80% of them go on to collapse within a few years.

There is no logical argument for handing over the farms to the blacks. At the end of the day this is political and racial and it is just a further step down the road of blacks and whites parting company in South Africa.

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