The Scam of being a Sovereign Free Man

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[Someone in SA sent me this in an email. He believes he is free. This is a thing that's been doing the rounds for years and they cite maritime law and that you can become free of the government and other legal stuff. I've listened to it, looked into it and I think it's nonsense. Jan]

He wrote:
I am in South Africa as a sovereign free man, set free from slavery of the governing entities, quite a battle but fully worth it.

I replied:
So you believe you are a free man now? I knew people who fell for that stuff. But I am extremely skeptical. If you are a FREE MAN now, do you still pay TAXES? Which LAWS can you break and get away with? I doubt you can do anything different. That’s just a scam. Prove me wrong. I know about the law too. and I know all this crap about maritime law, etc. It’s just nonsense.

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