The most important Jewish Woman in South African Politics: Helen Zille


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[I am happy to see an article wherein they mention that Zille is Jewish. They often hide this fact. So I'm reproducing it below. She was a journalist at the Rand Daily Mail – one of the many Jewish owned newspapers in SA. In South Africa, all the big ENGLISH Mass Media was Jewish owned. I used to know Adriana Stuijt who was also a journalist at Rand Daily Mail. She had many negative things to say about Zille. Below is an excerpt of a news item that mentions Zille. Her parents were German Jews who fled the NAZIS!!!! Yes, that's true. Zille is a big player in South African politics. And she's in the DA which is also a 100% Jewish created, owned and controlled organisation. Jan]

Here are a few interesting facts about DA Federal Chair, Helen Zille.

Helen was born in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. She is the eldest child of parents who escaped Germany to avoid Nazi persecution over their Jewish roots.

Apart from going head-to-head with politicians and starting X spats, Helen loves aking and knitting.

Helen received death threats for her investigative work as a political journalist at the now-defunct Rand Daily Mail newspaper.

In 2008, Helen won the World Mayor Award for governing the City of Cape Town.

Helen Zille is fluent in English, Afrikaans, German, and isiXhosa. Her Xhosa name is “Nontsapho,” which means “mother of the family.”


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