South Africa’s super-boring, go-nowhere local elections … like I care… Boer Republics

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Zimbabwe: Cops hunting for a Black man who had sex with his neighbours Donkey!
If you think we whites have problems, you have no idea what the blacks get up to. Some years ago I came across stories of blacks in Soweto, South Africa having sex with dogs. In this story, Police in Zimbabwe are looking for a Gutu man who was caught having sex with his neighbour‘s donkey.

We had local elections here yesterday, which is more retarded than our normal elections. I frankly don’t listen and I frankly don’t care because "dumbocracy" is boring and useless. Watching clowns and fools talking shit and knowing all of them are anti-White pisses me off.

Whites need to organise as WHITES and STICK TOGETHER.

In South Africa, democracy is the worst disaster that could have happened to Whites, and thinking and being a part of this anti-White Globalist clown show is NOT good and not healthy for Whites.

Also, Boere, are still the main owners of the Boer Republics.

Boers, the real owners of big chunks of South Africa need their own politics and their own strategy.

They need to stop playing in a system that is 100% rigged against them.

It seems to me Jews are back with a new Jewish front.

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2009: German Magazine Spiegel says: South Africa Has Become a De Facto One-Party State
This is the only time that a major Western publication ever stated the obvious truth: That South Africa is a one party state. The best we can hope for is that the Blacks will fight it out among themselves eventually.

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