Answer to Reader: Is the COVID Vaccine a Bio-weapon that will slaughter people en masse?


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[This is an answer I wrote to one of my supporters. Jan]

The supporter wrote:
Jan, I’m so worried about the pushing of the vaccine. Please tell me what you think. I know u will tell me the truth and tell it like it is. I believe it’s poison, a bio agent, experimenting on us. I have to send u videos to watch from various people. I’ll send a video of a priest in Rome. He doesn’t name the jew but he sure as hell knows who it is. Jan, I will run for my life from the vaccine.

My Reply:
.. from a military point of view, which is very important, I’ve been pondering this vaccine, and also some of the unknowns. I have vowed I will NOT let them touch me with a vaccine under any conditions. I’m not touching that thing. I’m not a Lab rat for Bill Gates or Jews. But I don’t think the vaccine will kill people en masse. It would be serious and people would notice it. If they roll it out on whole continents and people just began dropping dead by the hundreds of millions, that would create chaos and war overnight. I don’t think the vaccine will do that. I am curious about the effects of the vaccine which they say hit about a year later, which can kill you then. There is one way they could kill large numbers of people and it is like this: If the COVID never stops and each wave is, mysteriously, and conveniently "deadlier" than the previous one … then that could be the cover story for the real killing. Then they say: Ah, you see the virus is getting more dangerous, but meanwhile, the VACCINE is killing you. That is the only way that I could see them hiding the fact that the vaccine is killing you. Hiding it would be critical in order to do this project. If they killed you outright and the link to the vaccine was clear, then people would go to war almost immediately. The world would descend into total chaos (unless that is the plan). But I seriously doubt such a plan. The vaccine is definitely not well tested and in effect, we are lab rats – which I refuse to be. I do not at this stage, think the vaccine is intended to slaughter vast swathes of people. At this stage, my biggest fear about the vaccine is that it might make men, but especially WOMEN sterile. This I think is the likeliest threat and reason enough to stay the hell away from this thing. The Internet, and Whites and even some non-Whites, are nowadays so suspicious that I think the vaccine might not be spread as much as they would like. I see a serious push back. Even in South Africa, about 40% of people said they would not touch it. So this is good. COVID has just made people more suspicious and weird, and its good. My biggest fear is sterility OR other long term problems that exist in it by ACCIDENT or BY DESIGN. For that reason, I would not want to go close to it. There are too many dangerous unknowns. They are messing with your DNA. The issue is TRUST. Can we trust the Super Rich? No. No! These are unethical scum. So those are my views.

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