Canada’s AWESOME Avro Arrow Jew – Shut down by America and its Jews – South Africa’s amazing Attack Helicopter

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[A Canadian I know well, wrote this to me about the amazing ARROW Jet that Canada produced that had to be stopped and TOTALLY DESTROYED, which seemed to me to be due to American interference. I laughed at the CIA being called: Cocaine Import Agency!! I am very interested in this plane, especially mentioning it taking off from an angle and being able to launch satellites. I'd like more info on the claims of my Canadian friend. South Africa, with it's tiny White population was no slouch either. See my message below about the amazing RooiValk attack helicopter created by the Boers. Time and again, I see the pure genuis of Whites. Then there was a Canadian who built South Africa's most amazing artillery pieces, the G5 and G6 weapons. Now he was on a mission to launch satellites using ARTILLERY. Then he was murdered by the MOSSAD in Europe. What a White genius that man was. Jan]

The Canadian wrote this to me:

It was that jew Diefenbaker. We were not allowed to have the Avro because it jeopardized the CIA’s spy plane and it also made Lockheed’s Starfighter jet look like a joke. The Arrow’s engines weren’t even jet engines. The Orenda Iriquois was a rocket booster. Word has it that the Cocaine Import Agency threatened to actually go to war with Canada if they didn’t cancel the programme. It could intercept the Blackbird and U2 spy planes. It could also be launched from a 16 degree ramp straight into the air. It could put satellites into space. As far as I know, no production military aircraft to this day can match the Arrow’s performance envelope. The "official" Mach 2 speed is at sea level. Most airframes come apart at Mach 1 in air that thick. The Blackbird is capable of Mach 5 above 55,000 feet, the Arrow could catch it.

Hi xxx,Thanks very much for this. I will publish this. This is an important story. America is aggressively stopping all weapons production everywhere and destroying all competition.

Do you know that the South Africans produced an attack helicopter that was cheaper than the US Apache and better? It’s called the Rooivalk (Afrikaans meaning: Red Hawk).

Even the retarded British ended up losing their ability to manufacture military aircraft it seems to me. Even they produced some pretty good stuff.

If you ever find more on The Arrow, I’d love it. I must say, Canada can produce some seriously excellent stuff. You folks have some talent I must tell you.

You are welcome to tell me of other Canadian achievements.

BTW, I hope you get to watch my White Socialism video which is based on the Canadian Hutterites.

Take care

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