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Just a quick note: I worked really hard a year ago, to launch my White-shop as an experiment. I originally wanted to focus on books. But all my efforts with books ran into all sorts of problems.

One of my biggest problems, due to Jewish harassment, pertains to receiving money.

It was a struggle to process the first half a dozen orders. Some of my customers were incredibly patient. One woman waited over 6 months for something she ordered.

But with my own problems, and the Jewish harassment, I’ve not been able to move forward with the shop, and I’ve even lost a lot of my own enthusiasm for it.

The books present a big problem. I found that after much hassle, I would lose a sale because my charges were $2 or $5 higher than others. The customers just don’t give a shit about the fact that I’m struggling in the face of difficulty and that I take hours to do that which others can do in minutes because THEY ARE NOT BEING HARRASSED.

I might even dump books entirely from White-Shop due to all the difficulties, and yet this was originally what I had planned as my core activity.

There are people who placed orders, who I did not even respond back to, because the difficulties of handling transactions and dealing with people wastes many hours.

I will make a plan to reply to everyone in the coming days and weeks.

It’s Xmas time and I had originally hoped to have problems solved and to be able to make the most of this Xmas season. But it is not to be, I’m afraid. I just have too many problems and issues on my plate.

Trying to run my shop from here in South Africa is also an almost impossible undertaking.

There is only one part of White-Shop that I did a lot of thinking about.

I will be looking at putting up a product or two relating to this. So I do have a special surprise.

For folks who want to donate or buy something, if they ask me which I prefer, I much prefer donations. The profit margins are just too tiny.

But I do have ideas. And there are 2 products that are the beginning of something I want to try.

The shop was a worthwhile experiment, but the book thing was a big flop from every angle, and it’s almost impossible for me to run with it to a foreign audience. I get no sales in South Africa anyway. My only customers are outside South Africa anyway.

But I do have some specific ideas of what might just actually work.

However, even if I put these products up, I still need to do some serious rethinking of how I will handle certain aspects of the shop.

The whole exercise was worthwhile, but in a year with as many nasty problems as this, I’ve had to throw my shop to one side because I have too many other hassles. It’s been a very difficult year, and yet, I’m *EXTREMELY DETERMINED* to keep going despite all the incredible harrassment and problems.

I hope that some of you will bear with me, and will also take into cognisance my extreme problems and also try to understand what I’m trying to do in the face of difficulties and harrassment.

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