S.Africa: White Liberal: The role the DA’s John Steenhuisen could take in the Government of National Unity – My Comments


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[The (((Rich))) will probably want to privatise a lot of South African state functions. That means they get to own even more of South Africa. Jan]

Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen is reportedly eyeing the Leader of Government Business under the GNU agreement

The party is also hoping to secure Cabinet positions to address its seven main priorities as listed in its election manifesto

The negotiations for Cabinet positions are expected to commence after Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration on 19 June 2024

Zingisa Chirwa is an experienced Briefly News journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa, who has covered politics and current affairs on the radio for over 15 years.

The DA’s John Steenhuisen could secure the Leader of Government Business position under the Government of National Unity (GNU) agreement.

DA could secure 7 Cabinet positions
In that role, which the Deputy President previously held, Steenhuisen’s responsibilities would include overseeing the Cabinet’s fulfilment of its duties and the timely and correct handling of legislation initiated by the Cabinet. According to the City Press, the DA would not claim that position.

The report also claimed that Steenhuisen’s party could secure seven Cabinet posts. The DA leader wouldn’t divulge much but told the publication on 15 June 2024 that his party hoped to secure positions to address its manifesto’s seven main priorities.

Negotiations about Cabinet posts were expected to start after President-elect Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 19 June 2024. While the President had the authority to appoint the Cabinet, the GNU agreement stipulated that it must be broadly proportional to the parties represented in the National Assembly.

South Africans reflect on John Steenhuisen’s ambitions
Netizens shared their thoughts on the DA’s possible Cabinet gains on social media.

@StHonorable said:

“I actually don’t mind who heads what department; all I want is service delivery and a stable economy.”
@the_kn_diary commented:

“Leader of government business, they all be gone soon with privatisation. Pravin Gordan did slow on them. John will speedily privatise everything.”
@tgmolapisane added:

“This is a peaceful coup. The ANC people can say whatever they want to say. The liberation project is defacto been paused.”
@rorisang_Mjay suggested:

“They Must Stay Away from military, police, intelligence, State-owned enterprises, minerals & resources, foreign affairs, and finance. Judge positions.”
@MosaseTumelo stated:

“I think we can all accept that expropriation of land is off the table now.”
ANC-DA agreement primarily economic, not political
Briefly News reported that a political analyst believed the agreement between the ANC and the DA was a business agreement and not political.

Gakwi Mashego was reacting to the two organisations entering a framework agreement that saw them secure three key positions.

Mashego said the pact between the two political parties would focus on rebuilding the economy as envisioned by their funders.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-za/news/other/the-role-the-da-s-john-steenhuisen-could-take-in-the-government-of-national-unity/ar-BB1ojVxA?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=0a95ce1a548f40a2aad88e86a39e1dc5&ei=7


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