S. Africa: Farm murder: Elderly woman’s body found in bath, husband seriously injured, Vanderbijlpark – Lampre cht murdered

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[This is the first time I've seen a Lamprecht being murdered on a farm. These people seem to be relatively poor. There aren't  that many Lamprecht's in South Africa. There are quite a lot, but it's not a common surname (when spelled with a "p"). So these are probably distant relatives of mine. My understanding is that Lamprecht's in SA are almost all derived from an original Lamprecht from Prussia who came here after the time of Napoleon – in the 1820s or so. I'll pass this around among my family. Jan]

A farm murder took place on 19 November 2022, on a smallholding in Vlakplaats between Vanderbijlpark and the Barrage, Vanderbijlpark, in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

A 74 year old woman, Louise Lamprecht, was found brutally murdered after she and her husband, Johan (75), were attacked on their smallholding.

Johan was busy cutting the grass and was lying on his stomach on the grass whilst working on the lawnmower when three black males suddenly appeared next to him.

They kicked Johan repeatedly and dragged him into a storeroom, pointing firearms at him, where they tied him to a bench and beat him with hammers.

The attackers demanded money and Johan told them that he does not have a lot of money. He did however gave the attackers his bankcard and the Pin number.

The attackers then went into the house where they broke open the safe.

They stole a hunting rifle and pistol and went back to the tied-up Johan where they beat him with his own pistol. They then left.

The seriously injured Johan crawled back to the house to look for Louise but could not find her. He lost consciousness at one stage.

Another man living on the same smallholding realised later that something was not right and called a neighbour. They went to the house and called the emergency services.

The Police found Louise’s body in the bath with her hands tied.

The seriously injured Johan was admitted to hospital.

The Police confirmed the attack and the fact that two firearms were stolen.

No arrests have been made.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/gauteng/farm-murder-elderly-womans-body-found-in-bath-husband-seriously-injured-vanderbijlpark/

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