Video: AWESOME: Paul Fromm in Canada: Merry Christmas to all Whites, even in Canada & South Africa – My Comments


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[I'm so pleased to see the Canadians fighting on. Paul Fromm is the most dogged White man in Canada fighting forward with his team in the face of madness. I totally agree. Whites everywhere have lost their confidence and faith in themselves, thanks to the (((Liberal))) filth in our midst who are tripping up everything Whites are doing! Here is a lovely message for Whites even in Australia and South Africa! The simple fact is that our racial enemies will NEVER admit that our race is right or good. But we're not babies. We need to stand on our own two feet and fight and claw our way forward. The (((Liberals))) will try to trip up our every effort and they will lie like crazy as usual. We Whites must just stick together. Stick together, stand together and battle forward. That's the only way. That is how life always was for us, and how it will be for us for all of eternity. But we are not a bunch of cry babies. We were the greatest winners on the planet, and WE WILL BE WINNERS AGAIN! Jan]

This was the message from Paul Fromm:-

Merry Christmas, Very Merry, & Very White—we need to resume the White Man’s Burden of World Leadership! Regaining Our Self-Confidence,

Discussion by William Johnson, Chairman of the American Freedom Party in Los Angeles, Charles Lincoln Edwards in New Orleans and Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression in Hamilton, Otario on, ON.

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