S. AFRICA RACE WAR PREPARATIONS: Suidlanders Worldwide mailshot by Simon Roche – Gustav Muller: Intimidation threats to me


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Ten Years After Apartheid (1994-2004): The Raw Facts
This is an article I wrote in 2004, exactly 10 years after hideous Black rule descended upon us. In here are lots of statistics and short bullet points showing the nightmare that South Africa had descended to under Black Communist rule.

Simon Roche who is a full time employee of the Suidlanders, and does a lot of travelling marketing them worldwide, sent out a mail shot recently asking for money based on being banned for the first time from Paypal. Well, there’s a lot of moaning and groaning from Roche, compared to myself whose lost at least about 10 Paypal accounts, and even once had Paypal withhold some of my money for 7 months despite their claims that they will not steal your money for longer than 6 months at a time!

I’ve also had credit card payments removed from me. But if you look at the Suidlanders’ mail shot, you’ll see that they still have credit card facilities and now they even have their own US Based organisation whereby all donations to them are now TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

When I was in the USA, my first trip in 9 years, I heard, that among other misconceptions that Americans have about Simon Roche, is that he is actually a BOER! That’s nonsense. Roche is an English-speaking South African with a French surname. He grew up in KwaZulu/Natal, which is basically a former British colony. Natal is much more English than say, the Transvaal or the Orange Free State, both of which were Boer Republics.

Another common misconception in the USA is that Simon Roche is the leader of the Suidlanders. That is not true. Gustav Muller, always has been, and still is the leader of the Suidlanders.

Their headquarters is in the tiny town of Van Der Kloof far away in a very remote, low population density area of South Africa. Their leader Gustav Muller lived there for several years. Then last year the Suidlanders sent me a legal threat to my house. I responded with two legal documents of my own, which went directly to the house of Gustav Muller in Van Der Kloof. My legal documents were delivered by the Sheriff of the court directly at his house and signed for by his wife.

The legal letter the Suidlanders sent me is here: Threats of Criminal & Civil Cases against Jan by the Suidlanders in a Legal Letter – http://historyreviewed.com/index.php/threats-of-criminal-civil-cases-against-jan-lamprecht-by-the-suidlanders-in-a-legal-letter/

I even had an attorney look at their legal threat against me. I had an attorney who was as keen as hell for me to go to the South African Police, to lay a criminal charge against the Suidlanders, for INTIMIDATION. If you read the above letter, you’ll see the intimidatory undertones, which others have noticed. Intimidation, in South Africa, is actually a criminal offense (except if you are a black communist or in the ruling party). But for everyone else, Intimidation is a criminal affair. An attorney explained to me, and egged me on insistently, to go to the Police and to say that a “Right wing organisation” is intimidating me. He said, that this would result in the Police arresting Gustav Muller and bringing him to Johannesburg where I live, where he would go on trial.

I decided I would not stoop so low as to go so low as to go to the blacks to have them fight the Suidlanders on my behalf. However, if you read the Suidlanders’ legal threat to me, you’ll see that they threatened me with Criminen injuria. Criminen injuria is also a CRIME in South Africa, and it would also not cost the Suidlanders a cent. Then the South African Police could come and arrest me and take me to the town nearest to them, where I would have to stand trial. So the Suidlanders have no problem, threatening to use the black communist Govt’s tool, the South African Police against me. It is there in writing in their letter.

The Suidlanders also never seem to mention that the blacks who rule: South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Angola are all COMMUNISTS, and they ALL have ruled One Party states and never lost power. The ANC who rule South Africa are merely the latest load of black communist scum. Roche himself, has boasted about how he worked with them. In fact, Roche has even said that he was “close to corruption” and it is “his insurance policy”. This is a point well worth revisiting – a fascinating statement out of his own mouth.

I should also mention that people reported to me that the leader of the Suidlanders, Gustav Muller, moved out of Van Der Kloof this year. Even their own followers don’t know where their real leader lives.

After the Suidlanders threatened me in April 2018, I sent them two legal responses to their leader Gustav Muller. See here: Jan’s 2 Legal replies to the Suidlanders Legal threats were delivered to their offices – http://historyreviewed.com/index.php/jans-2-legal-replies-to-the-suidlanders-legal-threats-were-delivered-to-their-offices/

I have never published my legal responses to them, but I will.

In Roche’s appeal for funds, he talks about it on behalf of “raped toddlers” in white farmsteads! Since when has this organisation helped even one single white person in South Africa? NEVER! They’ve not lifted a finger for any white – EVER. They were nowhere to be seen in 2017 in Coligny when the blacks were burning down the houses of whites! I went there. I was in Mafikeng, which was very violent. I was in Pretoria when Whites and Blacks clashed physically in Pretoria West.

ALL the other organisations in South Africa like the AWB, Boere Legion, Dexter, Crusaders and everyone else are strapped for cash. They all have a military organisation. I’ve never heard of the Suidlanders giving a cent to anyone else who has nothing. However, I have heard of other groups approaching them – groups with almost no money AND who have plans for ACTUALLY FIGHTING if the blacks attack us. Those groups, knowing how pathetically cowardly the Suidlanders are with their “evacuation” (running away) plan; have told me that they are all trying to find a way to make use of these Suidlanders in the event of an actual war! Yes, everyone else, who have almost no resources, BUT HAVE WHITE MALES WILLING TO FIGHT AND WHO ARE TRAINING (I have videos of their training camps) – have been talking to the Suidlanders to see if they can give them some light duties in the event of a race war so that they at least do something useful. They were talking of using the useless Suidlanders to look after the women and children so that it frees up the OTHER GROUPS including covert groups – to actually FIGHT while the Suidlanders do some light guard duties with the women and children in the rear. I’ve heard this out of the mouths of other groups.

The AWB and Boere Legion and farmers ran to help the whites of Coligny and Lichtenburg during the violence there, but never once did I hear of the Suidlanders helping a single person. Other whites, including farmers from all over were racing with their pickup trucks and weapons to help in Coligny. But not a Suidlander was in sight. Izak Van Zyl, the leader of the Boere Legion was in the areas of Coligny and Mafikeng when there were serious troubles. That is how I first got to meet him.

Roche does not mention the Suidlanders’ Bitcoin accounts and that they can and do receive money via Bitcoin.

Welcome to my world! They’ve not experienced one twentieth of the bannings, hackings and threats I’ve experienced.

When I was in the USA in April-May 2019, I stayed at a house where Roche had stayed. The owner showed me the room Roche had slept in and he told me that Roche was complaining a lot and the only time he saw him smile was when he raised $2,000 for him.

Here, below, is the mail shot Simon Roche sent out – with some of the banking details removed. I don’t see any mention in his email of the BLACK COMMUNISTS who rule South Africa and southern Africa who carried out atrocities! He also does not mention the Jews and that the Chief Rabbi of South Africa is PERSONAL FRIENDS with the black scumbag communist President Ramaphosa. I will present the circumstantial evidence later that the black communist BILLIONAIRE, Ramaphosa, may have converted to Judaism about a decade ago and that he and the “white” Jews are trying to destroy the Afrikaans farmers of South Africa! Did Simon Roche tell you that the top Jewish organisation, the SAJBD (South African Board of Jewish Deputies), and a gay organisation were behind the hideous legislation signed several weeks ago by our BILLIONAIRE (super-corrupt), black President Ramaphosa? Did Simon Roche tell you that Ramaphosa is trying to seize all private health case in South Africa and that Ramaphosa and his brother have enormous “medical holdings” and they are out to destroy private healthcare in South Africa, which is mostly in white hands and they will probably make enormous sums of money? Did Simon Roche tell you that the Chief Rabbi of South Africa visits and is visited by the BILLIONAIRE black President Ramaphosa? Did Roche tell you that the President boasted that the evil, racist garbage call the Talmud was opened and read in the President’s office by Ramaphosa and the Chief Rabbi of South Africa?



Here is Roche’s request for money on behalf of the Suidlanders:-

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The Incredible Hero: David Irving - Truth Telling Historian
I have tremendous respect for David Irving. This British man did the most incredible work doing research and telling the truth about Hitler, the NAZIS and Germany. He‘s very old now. Download everything you can from his website and if possible buy his books and support him. This is the most incredible man to come out of Britain in modern times.

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