Russia: Is Putin friendly to Whites? – What of the Jew-rat who runs Ukraine?

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I am seeing that there is a lot of debate going on about whether Putin is friendly to Whites. There are quite a lot of Whites, especially Christians I see, who think Putin is a good man. Putin is ex-KGB. He is someone who loved the Soviet Union and who played the key role in rebuilding the Russian military. He has dreams of bringing back the USSR.

But there are people who say that Putin is a lot cleaner than the corrupt little Jew rat who runs the Ukraine. This might be possible. Putin isn’t squeaky clean himself. I can believe that the Jew rat President of Ukraine could be exceptionally dirty. That would be par for the course.

However, I have seen other White Nationalists and National Socialists who have mocked Putin because the fact is that Putin has done nothing for Whites, nor does he even care about them.

It seems to me that quite a lot of Whites in the USA who are Jew-wise, are so angry with the US leaders that they will write and say anything good, even about scum like the Chinese Communists – because they hate the US Leadership so much.

I will return to these topics. I don’t see any indication that Putin cares about Whites. He is the leader of Russia and cares about Russia. But he did remind South Africa the other day that the Russians helped the Blacks against Apartheid. He did that to shut them up from criticising him.

In 2019 Putin had meetings with 35 Black African Presidents and he chatted to them and told them he would support them.

Putin even pledged that he would defend the independence of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) where I come from.

I see nothing about Putin that indicates that he cares about race. He cares about his power in Russia, but he’s no Hitler.

We will discuss this more.

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