S.Africa: More Electricity problems: Eskom takes it up a notch with Stage 3 load shedding on Wednesday

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Video: The Gods of War: Introduction Why do Humans fight?
Do you believe in peace forever? This video will shock you. In my younger days I was very spiritual. Now I am the opposite and I will explain why.

[Suddenly we have more electricity problems! Jan]

Source: https://www.capetalk.co.za/articles/408400/eskom-takes-it-up-a-notch-with-stage-3-load-shedding-on-wednesday

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Black lies from 2006: Zimbabwe: Only 200 White Farmers paid of 4,000 Rest paid in 2010? Oh Yeah?
I posted this in 2006. The Blacks had stolen 4,000 farms out of the 5,000 that were there. They lied about paying the White Farmers. You can read my skepticism and the news from 2006.

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