100 Years from now: History will vindicate the Whites of Africa: Whites did the IMPOSSIBLE in Africa & NOBODY will be better…


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On Gab, a guy came to me saying he thinks the Chinese will not be able to save the blacks of Africa. I agreed and I wrote this as my reply:

@Benificent @dleetr @WeimarAmerica We have a LOT of experience with the Chinese in southern Africa going back to the 1960s when the Chinese trained the first black terrorists (jews called them freedom fighters). The Chinese even built railway lines to remove the black dependency from whites in Rhodesia and SA. The truth is that the Chinese are not very successful with blacks. I was interviewed by Nordic Resistance Movement the other day. Will put the interview up. But I made a prediction. My prediction is that 100 years from now, when everyone looks back on Africa, that they will realise that WHITES and ONLY WHITES were the people who were able to make the blacks of africa succeed. I predict that the Chinese and the Jews will fail. Even the Russians who gave them MASSIVE amounts of weaponry, do NOT give the blacks food or get involved in saving them. They only sell them WEAPONS. Nothing else. I predict that a century from now everyone will MARVEL that Africa’s GOLDEN AGE was during White Colonial Rule and Apartheid and that it will NEVER be bettered by anyone, including the Chinese, Jews, Liberals and anyone else. I am 100% convinced this is how it will turn out. Also, the whites will be seen, in their fights against the blacks as being the most ethical. We averted much needless bloodshed. We did not kill civilians or the innocent. This too will be seen as a totally UNIQUE occurrence in Africa. Because BLACKS are unable to function like this. Colonialism and Apartheid will be seen for what it was: An INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENT by a handful of whites on a massive, stupid, barbaric continent. People will marvel at how whites pulled this off. In the same way that history has vindicated the Confederates, or the Germans, so it will vindicate us. People will marvel at what we did in the face of the impossible.

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