S.Africa: 27 arrested in violent Stellenbosch protest

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[As usual blacks do anything the hell they please. This was an illegal march. I’m glad some were arrested. But what punishment, if any they will get, and how many will just be let go, remains to be seen. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Also this is a bit fun … so many rich liberals and Jews are down there in the Cape! They thought money could protect them from our “fellow South Africans!” – idiots.

Note: A knobkerrie is basically a club – like you would associate with a caveman. It could crack your skull open easily. He’s a photo of one below:-

The Liberal journalist below whines that “this is not a civilisation”. Well, Liberals are among the main proponents of the ideas which lead to the DESTRUCTION OF CIVILISATION! Why moan and bitch about it now hey? You scum played a critical role in the destruction of the civilisation that was South Africa. Scum. Jan]

Twenty-seven people were arrested for public violence and malicious damage to property after an illegal march in Stellenbosch on Monday.

About 60 protesters marched from the Stellenbosch Magistrate’s Court in Mark Street to Plein Street after community leaders appeared in court.

“According to reports, the protesters threw garbage in front of a municipal building,” police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said.

“Action was taken to disperse the crowd. Protesters damaged windows of the shops in the shopping centres in the area.”

The Stellenbosch Municipality condemned the protesters’ conduct.

“While we reiterate our support of people’s right to protest peacefully, we strongly condemn the violence and destruction of property that occurred in parts of the Stellenbosch CBD today,” spokesperson Stuart Grobbelaar said.

“Protesters damaged several properties, threw dangerous projectiles such as bricks and beer bottles, and physically threatened municipal staff with knobkerries.”

The arrested people are expected to appear in the Stellenbosch Magistrate’s Court once they have been charged.

Source: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/27-arrested-in-violent-stellenbosch-protest-20181029

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