S.African Govt wants to disarm all Whites or limit us to 1 gun each…

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Just a quick note.

In South Africa in the past, we were allowed to own up to 12 weapons per person.

Then the Govt tried to cut that back massively, and they did, they managed to push it down to a maximum of 4 weapons per person. The hunters and sports shooting organisations fought and pushed back, but that was the best they could get.

Now one of our scumbag black leaders wants to bring down gun ownership to 1 weapon per person and he’s also suggested banning guns altogether.

I think the gun organisations will fight back.

Let me tell you this: When blacks guy guns for self defense, which they are doing in increasing numbers, they only buy 1 weapon each. It is WHITES who own more than one firearm. So bringing down the number of weapons per person will affect almost exclusively only whites.

We will have to watch this.

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