S.Africa: Our BIG LYING IDIOT Government Ministers! – Moron says Electricity Blackouts is a Global Problem – My Comments

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[Here is one of these lying scum Black Communists just inventing this one out of thin air. It flies in the face of nature that we are ruled by scum like this. This is like spitting into the face of Nature/God. Jan]

Mantashe lambasted as ‘fool’ for saying load shedding is a global issue

Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse chief executive Wayne Duvenage said Mantashe had “made a fool of himself” by comparing Europe’s energy crisis to SA’s self-made, decades-long disaster, which proved that “ours is a unique problem”.

After 15 years of load shedding, culminating last week in stage 6 for second time since December 2019 and stage 5 this week, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe yesterday told South Africans to “stop complaining” because electricity outages are a global phenomenon. However, unlike Europe where gas and power prices are soaring thanks to Russia’s war on Ukraine, SA’s deepening energy crisis is not the result of lack of resources, but rather self-inflicted due to poor management, corruption and incompetence, according to experts and environmental activists. Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse chief executive Wayne Duvenage said Mantashe had…

Source: https://www.citizen.co.za/news/mantashe-lambasted-as-fool-for-saying-load-shedding-is-a-global-issue-september-2022/

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