What hope is there for the white race? – How Whites can convert Whites & Non-Whites to the truth about the JEWS


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[A very determined and awesome American woman I know is utterly determined to expose the Jews and here is a very important discussion I had with her. Jan]

I wrote:

xxxx, a very lovely email. But I really like it. Very nicely said. (Totally agree especially on Jews make you FEEL OUTNUMBERED, etc).

When I replied to you, I had forgotten to make my 2 critical points:
1. Most important Jewish activity is LYING, LYING, LYING… on ever more massive scales.

2. 2nd most important Jewish activity is dividing whites against other whites … constantly inventing new nonsense and new angles and turning other whites against the "loyal whites".

e.g. I hate the way even Jew-wise whites are quoting the f*cking Jew UNZ of the bloody UNZ Report. The moment you fall for the "Good Jew Routine" you start the whole damned cycle all over again.

Take care

This is what the lady wrote:

I made some typos in this last email. It was at night, I was rushing to get dinner started, I was tired and the light was bad. I was on my phone and the phone suggests words I didn’t intend. Basically I was just saying that I managed to get out a certain amount of information which the person can try to research if info the sites still have them up. I like to have a sort of “elevator speech which I can deliver calmly and non threateningly, while listening to how the person is reacting. The person might agree, but they are not allowed to say so. The thing which works against us is not only that the Jews keep taking legitimate information down and flooding the internet with their lies, but that Whites are industrious, work a lot and frequently just don’t have the time to do the research. But once you get a White thinking straight, whites are smart enough to draw more conclusions. The Jewish misinformation education system teaches people not to think. And the Jews are always upping the game to worse levels and overplaying their hands. I went to the pool health club just now. This Pool was where black and stupid anti whites did a Stazi snitching operation against me and tried to get me banned. I set up a time, didn’t have to see any of the bad ones, and I think I actually have some supporters behind the scenes, judging by some people’s reactions to me. You have to remember that the Jews can always make you FEEL outnumbered, FEEL that it is futile, but there is a pro white, anti Jew, anti communist MAJORITY. Always remember that. And in America people have guns. I replied in two emails this morning to that vile South African Jew Friedman’s, and his disgusting sidekick James de Rothschilds film about how it is so wonderful to murder whites. I liked the White Boer’s reaction video to it. Funny how Jews and other anti Whites are allowed to call for murder, yet Whites are not even allowed to stand up for themselves because the Jews have made up historical lies which they do not ALLOW anyone to discuss. I am putting all my intentions that the Blacks figure out which group really did the slave trade and all the other crimes against humanity which the Jews are currently scheming and destroy the Jews instead of us. The blacks can be so stupid though. I told the Black guy at the pool that all the Black organizations were started and run by Jews. Southern poverty law center is all rich Jewish lawyers, naacp, BLM, all Jewish organizations. They don’t like the truth, they just want to get Whitie’s stuff. It’s the same with the Jews, they hate us because they are jealous of who we are. A Facebook friend told me that the Jews hate us because they know they are scheduled for destruction.

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Audio: JEWS107: How Jews think: Emotional Vs Logical Thinking & its consequences for everyone
This is a very important lesson, and it may contain unique observations from my own analysis of these people. In here, you will also learn why Jews are masters of religion, and why that works for them. Christians do not stand a chance against Jews. Jews focus on winning, and Jews will outwit Christians and most whites with ease.

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