Pic: VERY IMPORTANT: Russian military arriving in Mozambique: Russian Air force landing in S.Africa tomorrow

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Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 1 – The Jewish ass in the Lion’s Skin
This is part 1 of the 6 part series I did on The Great Jewish Mask.

[Below is an announcement from the SANDF – South African National Defence Force explaining that the Russian air force is arriving in SA. I will be posting an audio about this shortly, so that people understand what is happening and why the Boers and all Whites need to stand their ground. I suspect that the black communists, the so-called “Liberation Movements” of southern Africa are feeling collapse is at hand and they’re calling in the real military force that was behind them and which we whites fought a lot – the RUSSIANS! This might be gun boat diplomacy, a show of force; maybe to intimidate the USA and Europe and to scare the whites of SA. But ignore them. We must stand our ground. We need to start getting serious about our politics and ourselves and stand up for ourselves. Jan]

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