S.Africa: White-hating Black Communist Malema warns against White (and Jewish) takeover & return of Apartheid


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[Malema goes overboard. That is nothing of the kinda. The Democratic Alliance is totally Jewish Controlled and owned. It's been around for decades as the prime Jewish controlled political party. The Freedom Front Plus is Afrikaans controlled. Both of these groups might be making some inroads among the Blacks. But I don't particularly care, nor do I think this will solve anything. Whites should not be grovelling for the votes of Blacks. Malema himself has got away with so many crimes. But it does show that he is a Black Racist Communist … and … the Jews and everyone are fine with that. Let a White man be himself and all hell will break loose. Jan]

JOHANNESBURG – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has warned against the Democratic Alliance and Freedom Front Plus coalition, saying it would be the return of the white minority rule and "Afrikanerdom" in Tshwane and Potchefstroom in the North West.

Malema was speaking on Saturday in the Eastern Cape at abaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo’s Enkululekweni palace in Mthatha.

Malema and his team were there at what was dubbed the EFF welcome ceremony for the controversial king.

The king served time in prison for kidnapping, assault, arson, culpable homicide, and defeating the ends of justice.

Malema also handed over a brand new SUV after he donated a cow to the king during his campaign trail in that province last month.

Malema used his speech to touch on coalition matters saying the coalition deal between DA and FF Plus was not a good deal for the country.

"The Freedom Front and the DA are going to establish Afrikanerdom so they will move it from Tshwane back to Pretoria…Then you’ve got Afrikanerdoms," he said.

On Saturday, ActionSA rejected a partnership with the EFF in coalition without elaborating on the stamping block that collapsed the talks.

The FF Plus previously said it was not willing to enter into a coalition arrangement with the red berets.

Source: https://ewn.co.za/2021/11/14/malema-warns-against-da-ff-plus-coalition

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