Over 11,000 South African Jews moved to Israel and live there permanently

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[This population is as of 2020. But I'm sure there is a steady and ongoing trickle as these scum leave South Africa. Good riddance. Of course, MOST of the Jews who do leave South Africa actually go to the USA. Jan]

South African Jews in Israel

Total population
11,381 (2020)

Regions with significant populations
Savyon, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

Hebrew, English language


South African Jews in Israel are immigrants and descendants of the immigrants of the South African Jewish communities, who now reside within the State of Israel. In 2020, 11,381 South Africans were recorded as living in Israel.[1]

A number of South African Jews settled in Israel, forming a South African community in Israel. Perhaps the most famous South African community founded in Israel is Savyon, which remains the wealthiest suburb in Israel. Large houses were built in the style that the community was accustomed to from their life in South Africa, each with a pool, and developed around a country club.[2]

Notable people
Abba Eban
Danny Amos
Adi Bielski
Leo Camron
Maxine Fassberg, CEO Intel Israel
Mervyn Gotsman
David Schneider (tennis)
Benjamin Pogrund
Morris Kahn

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_African_Jews_in_Israel

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