Map: Apartheid South Africa’s invasion of Angola in 1975 – Operation Savannah – Fighting the Cubans

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[In 1975, the South African Army invaded Angola in support of Unita. This was the first time the South African Army also ran into the Cubans. This was a precursor of much bigger battles to come.

This operation was so secret, that nobody in the rest of the world was to know that the South African Army was busy attacking deep into Angola.

The South African troops were NOT allowed to wear their normal uniforms! They wore prisoner uniforms!

This was quite an amazing operation, and it seems to me some of the SADF columns were actually flown in by air! They were loading Eland Armoured cars on to planes and flying them deep into Angola from where they deployed. That’s pretty impressive air power. Rhodesia had nothing like this I assure you! Jan]

If you click on the map below you can zoom in on it.

You can read about the operation on Wikipedia:

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