Photos: South Africa: Pretoria’s ‘Hitler Barbie’ Won’t Back Down to the Jews – My Comments

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[They have already, immediately, gone after her income and have already smashed her income. They will destroy her financially so that she has no income. That's the first thing the Jews do to the whites. In her case, they're going after her in court. Jews will not let up on these matters. Their viewpoints will be forced to predominate. Jan]

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Meet Simone Abigail Kriel.

She’s an Instagram influencer and fitness figure from Pretoria, and she’s also a big fan of Adolf Hitler.

How do we know this? Well, back in May, 28-year-old Kriel posted a number of hateful messages to her Instagram account, saying that Jewish people were actually to blame for the Holocaust, and Hitler was “innocent”.

Yes, really. TimesLIVE with some of that rant:

“The f***n Jews are greedy as f**k and they will wage war against countries and races, based on lies and deception to get what they want.

“It was the Jews that bombed, raped, sodomised and burned all people in Germany alive. Hitler innocent. Our history has been twisted to favour the Jews without question.”

It appears as though her Instagram account has now been set to private, but her LinkedIn profile is still visible.

Under ‘Education’, it lists a ‘Bachelor of Laws’ from UNISA, and she may need those legal skills in the days and weeks to come.

At the beginning of the month, the South African Board of Jewish Deputies (SAJBD) announced it had laid criminal charges against Kriel, and legal experts say she could well be pinged for crimen injuria or hate speech.

Kriel will not back down:

Kriel said her caustic viewpoint was informed by “research” she had done using the internet, after becoming irked by the national lockdown.

“It made me start to think who was controlling the money in the world and how the entire globe could be brought to standstill by this pandemic,” she said, insisting that the global health crisis was a conspiracy.

Detailing her research, she said she had watched about 20 hours of YouTube documentaries.

Ah, there it is. Never mind what thousands of historians say, this random video on YouTube is the real truth!

According to SA Jewish Report, she was eager to share those videos, too:

“There is a special place in hell for them. After what I’ve just watched, the religion is just as corrupt as the souls they embody. Here is the link on how Europe was raped by the Jews.” She shares a link to an 11-hour “documentary” titled EUROPA: The Last Battle, one of a plethora of conspiracy theory films on the web.

She talks at length about “Jewish Bolshevism” and “the Rothschilds”, Jews striving for a “new world order”, and Jews controlling the media.

Just like racists love to bust out the ‘but I have black friends’ angle, so too does Kriel:

She elaborated that she had been in a relationship with a Jewish man for three years, and it recently ended. “The family denied their blessing for us to be together based on my ethnic background … because I wasn’t of pure Jewish blood. Nonetheless, for three years, I’ve participated in most Jewish holidays, weddings, and synagogue proceedings, regardless of family issues…

She believes “the Holocaust was a set-up, executed by Hitler’s men, at the cost of millions of Jewish lives. I think most Jews know what happened 90 years ago, and who was actually responsible for World War II and the Holocaust. And I know they don’t want us to talk about it.”

David Saks, associate director of the SAJBD, says the organisation wrote to Kriel and gave her a deadline to remove the comments and apologise for it, which she refused to do.

A case was then registered at the Rosebank police station, and according to Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela, is still under investigation.


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