IMPORTANT: Website Bug Fix: Contact us & Donations, etc – But NOT the video problem

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Just a note, I have found and fixed the bug that was causing the Contact us page, Donations and other pages to fail. This is all my fault. I have been making a LOT of changes behind the scenes and I am far from finished. This is important and urgent stuff.

I am quite irritated by how many times my Contact us pages are crashing, and it is all due to changes I’ve been working on. I will do some things to try and prevent such long outages from happening again. This is very bad stuff.

So those pages should be working.

There is however a remaining bug that relates to many videos which cannot be viewed. I am aware of it. I will be looking into it tomorrow.

My apologies, but I have been working on really critical and tricky things and struggling a bit with some stuff. So just bear with me.

If you experience weird problems and you need to draw my attention to it, then please just use the comments below any article to leave a message for me. I monitor the comments all the time. Feel free to even include screenshots. It helps me.

Thanks for your patience and support. Please realise I am also trying my utmost in the face of significant odds and problems and THREATS!!!

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