IMPORTANT: Black MK “Soldier” was the one who tried to kill Polish hero Janusz Waluz – My Comments

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[The Sowetan prints pretty solid stories and they confirmed that the Black guy who stabbed Walus was MK. MK is the "armed wing" (army actually) of the ANC that was created by Nelson Mandela and the Jews. So this shows you that there's a direct link to the ruling party. I think there was more to this attempt to kill Walus than meets the eye. The Blacks wanted to try to kill him. Jan]

Ex-MK soldier behind stabbing of Hani’s killer

Attacker opposed to Walus parole is a lifer for murder

30 November 2022 – 07:38

An ex-MK soldier who stood opposed to other inmates joining Janusz Waluś’s Constitutional Court bid for parole is said to be the person who stabbed him.

The inmate was angry that the group sided with Chris Hani’s killer, saying that they could not be on the same side with the person that killed their comrade…


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