If the Blacks attack the Whites en masse: A S.African writes to me…


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Kenya: Witchcraft: The devil told me to have sex with sheep
Witchcraft is rampant across Africa. This story is incredibly weird and bizarre. Other Blacks said this Black guy was also having sex with a dog. This story makes for some insane reading. I published this on my old website.

[Here are some comments about my video of whether 50 million Blacks can kill 4 million Whites in 2 weeks. This Boer was in Natal where the worst of the July 2021 violence happened. Jan]

He wrote:
I don’t write often, but I have to commend you on your views and research on the coming genocide – 50 Million/5 Million. It is going to be tough even for the one’s that prepped and prepared, BUT it’s going to be much worse for the ones that didn’t prepare at all and that unfortunately is going to be the majority.

The July 2021 situation in KZN, yes, I was there and it was quite interesting how quickly things turned sour and the scariest part; how unprepared most of the people were. Basic necessities, bread, water, fuel, etc. quickly ran out and people were queuing everywhere just to get the bare necessities.

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