How the South African Govt intercepted my emails & How the SA & Zim Govts spied on me

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What you’re about to read is what happened to me in the first 8 years of AfricanCrisis when Mugabe was seizing the white farms in Zimbabwe. The following incidents, relate to spying that I experienced personally.

NB: NB: NB: Most people in South Africa do not know that the ANC, the African National Congress, the ruling party here, has its own internal Intelligence Dept that is separate from the Government and Military.

It was when I was dealing with the main black Zimbabwean activist here in South Africa at the time. He and I often worked together and I supported his group. They called themselves CZA I think. It was something like Concerned Zimbabweans … The leader was a guy who called himself Jay Jay Sibanda. At one time, Jay Jay disappeared for several days and I could not get hold of him.

At the time we knew that Mugabe’s Militia (aka The Green Bombers) were operating in Johannesburg. I was contacted by 2 very well dressed young black males claiming to be from the MDC “Youth League”, saying that they wanted to meet me. I met them, and they told me that they “wanted to join the war”. On my website, I was doing my utmost to try to create some kind of resistance against Mugabe and ZANU PF, so I wrote about the need to go to war against him. These young black males now claimed to want to join this war. I told them candidly, that although I was writing about war on my websites, that in fact, I had no guns … NOTHING in fact. They wanted to meet me again.

When I told Jay Jay about the meeting with the MDC Youth League, he told me that there is no such organisation. He suspected I had met Mugabe’s Militia. So on the 2nd meeting with them, I had Jay Jay there. This caught them off guard. He questioned them. They were quite annoyed by this, and asked for a 3rd meeting, which I never granted. Jay Jay told me that there was no doubt that these were Militia sent by Mugabe’s people. Judging by the discussions with them, they were there to find out if I had weapons and was busy with military activity.

Returning to when Jay Jay disappeared, I feared he was dead. I decided to notify some friends and supporters in the USA and also in Namibia and South Africa. I sent an email to the 5 people I trusted the most, one Sunday night at about 10pm. I mentioned that I thought Jay Jay may have been murdered by Mugabe’s people. At 8am on Monday morning, Jay Jay suddenly phoned me and asked me: “Did you write an email about me to anyone?” I said yes. He told me that he got a phone call from the ANC Intelligence Department in Shell House in Johannesburg stating that they had an email from me and they wanted to question Jay Jay about it. So Jay Jay went to the ANC Intelligence Dept. He met me a day or so later and brought with him a full copy of the email I had sent to 5 people (which did not include anyone who knew Jay Jay). The email had highlighting on it, notes and annotations in hand writing, that have been written by staff in the ANC Intelligence Dept. It was indeed my email.

Note: This was not Military or other Intelligence. They specifically described themselves as “ANC Intelligence” and were in Shell House, Johannesburg.

The ANC then questioned Jay Jay about me. They asked him: “Why are you taking orders from a White Man?”

They questioned him for some time and told him they would want to see him again. I was very shocked when I saw the email printed out.

Then, Jay Jay disappeared again. And again I could not find him in any way. Eventually, I decided to write another email to the 5 people. Again I did it on a Sunday evening and again on a Monday morning, Jay Jay phoned me and asked: “Did you write another email about me?” They want to question me again!”. This time the ANC was very angry that Jay Jay had told me about the meeting because he was supposed to have kept his mouth shut about it. They then said they want to see him regularly.

In the many weeks that went by, I found that Jay Jay was communicating with me less and less. It is my belief that the ANC Intel people were meeting him weekly and I suspect that they were showing him other emails of mine in order to turn him against me.

Suddenly out of the blue he called me and asked me to urgently meet him and his group. I met them. They then came up with a plan they wanted to execute in Zimbabwe and they asked me for a large sum of money. All I could give them was R10,000 ($1,000 approx) which they took and they said it was enough for the project. Within a few days, I began to realise that they had lied to me and they had stolen my money. And it was my last contact with them. I heard a few years later that Jay Jay had died of AIDS and that the times when he disappeared, that in fact he’d been drunk and enjoying prostitutes.

However, I was convinced that it was the ANC Intel department that turned him against me and it resulted in them defrauding me of my money. I never reported this to the Police.

I was working with an Afrikaans lady at XXX called YYY. In 2009, she was retrenched. She struggled to find work and then got a job at some company in Pretoria which was an IT Company contracted to the Govt. YYY and I had been close friends and she knew of my political activism. Several months after she had left XXX, she one day wrote an urgent email to me wherein she stated that the company she was working for, was spying on me on behalf of the Govt.

I have picked up other information from another friend of mine, which also indicated that I am “on lists”. He has excellent contacts at certain embassies. He told me: “You are on more lists than you know.”

When I went to the USA for a holiday in 2010, the US Consulate learned of my book, Government by Deception and asked me if I had been harassed by the Zimbabwean and South African Govts. I answered yes and explained about my previous contacts …

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