RAHOWA! – A White Racial Holy War was declared in 1988! – It also existed in South Africa


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I love Ben Klassen and the Church of Creativity, which Matt Hale tried to revive.

I was doing some digging into some of the history of the Church of Creativity the other day.

I also made new discoveries about the Church of Creativity in South Africa.

I was very surprised by some of my discoveries. I did not know some of the outright PHYSICAL VIOLENCE that was aimed at Matt Hale personally.

I really like Ben Klassen. He really did well. That man was good for us. And I must also point out that Tom Metzger is a real hero too of the White Right. Sadly, towards the end of his life, he was very negative about the White Right.

One man who went down in the White Right was Dr David Duke. At one time he was the poster boy of the White Right, but he lacked the kind of strength that others like Rockwell were famous for. Now Tom Metzger is a man who really had balls AND brilliance. Tom Metzger is someone who deserves a serious place in Valhalla. This is the Pagan heaven – this is where White men go who die in Battle. Tom deserves a place there alongside Hitler, Goebbels, the Waffen SS, and along with George Lincoln Rockwell, Dr Pierce and many others!

Tom Metzger, Kevin Alfred Strom and I all share a love of European Technology. I will discuss this more. Tom Metzger was the most brilliant at this. This is a topic he and I discussed in private while he was still alive.

But I want to return to Ben Klassen.

I think Ben did some seriously deep things. In many ways I feel sorry for some of our previous pioneers. They struggled along and did what they can. Ben Klassen and Dr Pierce both did their own thing alone. They struggled on to the end. They both had determination, as did Tom Metzger. But Metzger was a real fighter I must tell you.

However Pierce and Klassen were very clever.

I don’t know how many countries the Church of Creativity existed in. It was initially an American creation, but it definitely spread to outside America. It might have existed in Britain – maybe. But it definitely existed in South Africa.

I have found 3 men who are still alive who actually attended the Church of Creativity in Pretoria. Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa, and to this day, Pretoria is filled with Boers. These are Boer Christians. Yet, there was a small Church of Creativity operating in Pretoria.

I think the man who was behind it was an English South African, possibly with the rather plain name of John Smith. I think he later moved to New Zealand and died there.

I know that the Boer Leon Hart in more recent times was a "custodian" of Ben Klassen material. Leon died in 2018, but I knew him personally. I still want to show people stuff about him.

In 1988, Ben Klassen wrote a book called RAHOWA this planet is ours! In Creativity, Ben borrowed a lot from the Romans and he used the title Pontifex Maximus for himself. This is basically "The High Priest". (Even the Pope is officially the Pontifex Maximus – the Christians having taken a Roman term). Well, technically, since Klassen is the Pontifex Maximus of White people, Ben actually declared a RACIAL HOLY WAR on our behalf in 1988!

This was followed by a book called "Towards a Bloody Racial War" in the 1990s.

Ben was definitely on the war path. Interestingly, in the mid 1980s, Ben was already aware, decades before anyone else, of the big Mexican border problem that America had. Even then Ben was suggesting his solution, which I won’t repeat here.

It seems that Creativity never exceeded more than 7,000 members in the USA.

I see that some years later, Dr William Pierce was himself going down the path towards a religion for Whites. He did his initial thinking in the late 1970s, and he called it Cosmotheism.

Creativity and Cosmotheism I’m sure have many similar points. Both are exclusively Whites Only religions.

But whereas Dr Pierce only wrote a little bit about Cosmotheism, but he had many meetings about it, Ben Klassen spent over 20 years working on Creativity. He did many lovely things with Creativity.

Ben Klassen’s original motivation for doing Creativity was due to this historical fact: That all Great Civilisations have at their heart a RELIGION or RELIGIONS that drive them.

In the case of the Roman Empire, the Romans did not have one religion. The Romans had about 165 Pagan Religions – until Jewish Christianity came and stole monopolised our religion.

I see that Kevin Strom has continued the work of Dr Pierce and he even added to the small "Bible" that is based on the work of Pierce.

However, Creativity is a much bigger library, with a lot of thinking in it.

Klassen’s first important book was "Nature’s Eternal Religion". But in the 1980’s he came out with "The White Man’s Bible". He wrote other books and he had a magazine called "Racial Loyalty".

What I like about Klassen is that his work is the most complete set of pure "religious/values" thinking that Whites have.

It’s the most complete thing ever written in English.

I think Klassen’s works could form the central core of an actual set of religious/value thinking for White people.

I’m very sad to see that Creativity died down after Matt Hale was arrested. But I now have a better grasp of Matt Hale and where he fitted into the rise of Creativity.

There have been various leaders and Whites who have been involved.

I think Creativity on at least one occasion, perhaps even two occasions, moved to Britain.

One of the things I LOVE about Creativity is that men and women write "sermons". It’s very wonderful. I love the sermons people come up with.

One thing I want to urge all Whites, especially in the USA, SAVE AWAY all the old things Whites have written and done. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY.


I’m sure the work of Dr Pierce and Kevin Strom will contribute to a White Religion.

Ben Klassen is not only right about the importance of a religion as a set of values and a set of goals to work towards. Whites as a race are actually people who are disciplined. They don’t just do things. They need to understand what they are doing and why.

The White Right has done a LOT of good stuff. The White Right in America has contributed tremendously to our race. Despite all the ruthless beatings they’ve taken from the Jewish filth at the ADL and assorted other Jewish filth, the American Right Wing has done a great job in trying to redirect White values. I am also pleased to see how well the thoughts and works of Hitler, Goebbels and the Germans have been preserved by the White Americans in the face of the impossible.

I have seen a video of some of the heat Matt Hale faced. And I’ve seen some of the fights that Tom Metzger fought in the 1980s.

The American White Right should be proud of itself. It has done good work in the fight for our race. Like all Whites they’re defunded, maligned and constantly attacked by Jews. But, as Goebbels said: If the Jews don’t curse you every day, then you know you’ve wasted a day.

If our enemies don’t *HATE US*, then know that we’ve not been doing our work!!!

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