Jews CURSE Christianity Three Times a Day, Can There be any Reconciliation?


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We found a shocking article in the Israeli media Haaretz where they are actually admitting that the Jews CURSE (and therefore HATE) Christianity…

In the article they spew some mumbo jumbo non-sense about the Old Testament from 4000 years ago or so, these retards still live in the past when there is a history a lot more recent than that. They’re saying that we’re Esau and they are Jacob bla bla bla, like totally retarded non-sense.

The fact of the matter is the Old Testament is DEAD, it’s all null and void, it doesn’t matter, it holds little to no value at all anymore since Jesus Christ. We have a NEW COVENANT, a NEW Testament and these Jews are just butt-hurt they aren’t the special fucks they think they were 3000-4000 years ago.

The New Testament clearly says that there is no chosen people anymore. These people believe that you have to have a specific gene set to go to Heaven (be Jewish) and the rest are just goyim (cows) and they go to Hell by default. Yeah this is the most racist crap that there is in the world but it doesn’t get called out because everyone knows they’re gonna start whining “oy vezy ze horror, anti-shemitism, bla bla bla!!!!!! whaaa whaaaa I want my diaper changed!!”

There is no Esau, no Jacob only retards believe in that. Jesus is the only ticket to Heaven. He clearly said “Nobody goes to Heaven but through me.” Now these demons CURSING Christianity and therefore Jesus, have no place in Heaven, all of them will go to HELL and boil in fire and excrements forever.

Furthermore we know that Jesus called them snakes, vipers, children of the devil, synagogue of Satan and many other epithets so the question is, do we want any reconciliation with “the children of the devil” who curse Jesus 3 times a day?

You have to understand, Jews hold zero value to God right now, this is exactly why none of them can do any miracles anymore, none of them can split the sea in two like Moses, nobody is in direct contact with God because God hates them. All of this while Christians both Catholics (Fatima appearance for example) and Orthodox (many prophets, saints and miracles) have well documented and proven miracles but show a miracle performed by a rabbi or a prophecy. Nothing, there is nothing.

They have fallen from God’s grace and they will never return into a position of a special spot even if they would accept Jesus, because now nobody is preferred by race and country anymore, nobody is special and “chosen” anymore. Now any man and woman of any nationality can be “chosen” if they accept Jesus and follow his teachings. Back in the past only the Jews had a chance but now everybody gets a chance of redemption.


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