From the USA: Profiling Blacks… S.Africa – Lockdown causes massive crime drop – Why?

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Some americans copied me in on this email:I have said for years, if you see a black person walking or running in a white neighborhood he is up to something. He is planning to break into a house or steal an automobile. By the same token, if a white person is walking in a black neighborhood he is also up to something. He is looking for dope or a whore. They are just suspects pure and simple and that is why I do not see anything wrong with profiling.

I responded further:

Totally true. Excellent observation. That is why under Apartheid, which was, basically nothing more than segregation … they arrested blacks for "loitering".

I think they did the same in rhodesia. Lockdown in SA has resulted in a MASSIVE DROP in MURDER and CRIME, which merely proves this point exactly. Even the chief of Police here has had to acknowledge the "mysterious" fall in crime. That is because, when you lock the blacks up in their townships … they can’t steal from whites or murder whites.

In my suburb, the day when we moved from Level 5 to Level 4, which allows people to exercise, someone in my neighbourhood was attacked that same day and was stabbed as 2 blacks with a gun tried to steal his bicycle from him.

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