White South Africans population = Croatian population, but, S.Africa is 22x the size!!!

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I’ve mentioned that White South Africa’s population is the same as that of Croatia. Upon investigation I found out that South Africa is 22x the size of Croatia.

This can be interpreted in many ways. e.g. We only need 1/22 the land area of South Africa for ourselves. So even something say, 1/2 the size of the Orange Free State, would be enough for all of us. But the other side of it is that we have much more opportunity of where we might end up seizing a chunk of territory for ourselves.

I think, that when push comes to shove, we will be able to grab a chunk of territory bigger than Croatia.

But there is an even more interesting twist, and that is, if we can get whites to come and join us, once we’ve fought for a chunk of territory, then we could actually have a much bigger population. The infrastructure in South Africa is so much, due to having had to accommodate the non-whites, that we have more infrastructure than 4.6 million whites actually need!

We have one of the most prime pieces of real estate in the world, and we must NOT give it up. Not without the most intense fight imaginable.

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