2 Pics: Mass Media Scum newspapers filled with stories of Ramaphosa to oust Zuma


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[I took these photos yesterday. Look at The Citizen and The Star, which are important newspapers here. The Citizen is supposed to be “conservative”, but has been run by non-whites for years so I doubt there’s anything “conservative” therein. The Star is supposed to be the biggest newspaper in Africa. The Star is the best example of Liberal garbage. At one time they ran front page headlines showing only white males who had committed crimes! That’s how anti-white these filth are.

What is astounding is how OPENLY, in your face these Liberal/Jewish/Elite scum are working to change the President.

A Liberal is a piece of shit at the best of times, and here you see the filth working openly to meddle with the very “democracy” that they’re always telling us works so well all by itself! Instead, here you see the Liberal/Elite garbage and filth openly trying to overthrow the President. Not that I care even one ounce about either Zuma or Ramaphosa, both of whom I regard as pieces of shit.

But it should show you the pure hypocrisy of a Liberal because they are openly carrying out revolutionary activities right in your face. Another example of this is Iran at the moment!

The headline about the ANC recall relates to an obscure Eastern-European communist clause in the ANC’s own rules which allows the political party to “recall” a President. This is what Zuma did to Mbeki and now they want Ramaphosa to do this to Zuma!

I don’t care at all for this black nonsense politics. But I find it fascinating how Liberals/Jews/Elite work in the open to overthrow the system when it suits them. This is the “great democracy” that was supposed to be better than anything the whites did. Pure rubbish I tell you. Jan]

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