After WW2: Europe in Africa & the White Tribes of Africa


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Video: DWUMS: Defenseless White Urban Males & Learned White Helplessness
I discuss Whites who are out of their depth and helpless when they realise with horror the truth about Liberalism and Capitalism. I also talk about how Whites are caught up in fake problems that are the result of having so many moral factors that they need to take into account. Even here in South Africa we have helpless urban Whites who get flustered over nothing.

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In this show we discuss my research regarding The White Tribes of Africa (Boers, Rhodesians, Portuguese) and the European nations in Africa. It is about my 3 part series and what Whites were up to after WW2, and the implications of it.

This show was recorded on 26th May 2024 with Nicholas of the Writers Block.

These are the 3 WTA videos that I released:

Video & Audio: WTA01: ALCORA: The Secret Military Alliance of Whites to fight Blacks – Portugal, S.A. & Rhodesia –

Video & Audio: WTA02: NATO’s Secret Wars: How Portugal fought Blacks in Africa with NATO and US help –

Video & Audio: WTA03: The White End Game: How Portugal and S.Africa almost conquered all of Southern Africa –

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Video: Can 50 million Blacks kill 4 million Whites in 2 weeks?
I did an insane amount of Military Academic work in order to answer this question. In here, youll see something totally unique. I explain why I think several Blacks did research into this and what was their inspiration for coming to this conclusion, as well as the horrific ideas they have in store for us. I also demonstrate, what an all out race war would be like if it raged across South Africa. The answers may surprise you.

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