From Jan: Some healing after my fall … photos coming


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Just a quick note, after my fall on Sunday, I finally got some good sleep on Monday and I’m feeling better. My neck is very sore. But I’ve at least had a chance to rest and I went to the scene of the accident. I had a good look at everything and I can now see that something I published on my second story is not quite right. I was looking at various things and I now can explain what happened to me. I remember everything including the point where I began falling. I then hit the ground and I could have been unconscious for quite a long time.

But the evidence of what happened is clear. I could see it in the marks left on the ground as the ladder moved.

I will post a few photos of myself and the injuries I had. I had a big, deep, Y-cut in the top of my head that they fixed with staples because I think they said it was too wide for normal stitches. I think.

I’ll post some items shortly and the photos.

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Ten Years After Apartheid (1994-2004): The Raw Facts
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