Video & Audio: Liberty Net Chat: Jan with Kevin Strom

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2004: After White Farmers chased out of Zim: 100 White Zim Farmers create 4,118 Jobs in Mozambique
After Mugabe chased White Farmers out of Zimbabwe, small groups of them went to other worthless Black countries and made a massive, positive impact.

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In this show I talked a LOT about Whites in Africa and the wars we fought and the things we tried. I talked about South Africans, Boers, Portuguese and Rhodesians. This is the first time that I was on a show where I could speak to Kevin Alfred Strom. It was good fun.

Kevin Strom hosts a CB radio program where truckers and others take part. He patched myself and two other people in so we could participate via the Internet.

This show was recorded on: 2022-02-27.

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Video & Audio: South African Jews worked secretly to destroy White rule
We take a look at the testimony of the Scottish Member of Parliament, George Galloway, who was an enemy of the Whites of South Africa and Apartheid. He travelled secretly to South Africa during Apartheid.

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