Election Rigging: How Liberal Whites lie to Blacks saying Africa is the same as the rest of the WORLD!


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Video: DWUMS: Defenseless White Urban Males & Learned White Helplessness
I discuss Whites who are out of their depth and helpless when they realise with horror the truth about Liberalism and Capitalism. I also talk about how Whites are caught up in fake problems that are the result of having so many moral factors that they need to take into account. Even here in South Africa we have helpless urban Whites who get flustered over nothing.

[I want to show you a common type of LIE that (((White)) Liberals tell the blacks here in South Africa. The White Liberal scum often fly in the face of all logic and truth. They will take any topic; e.g. Crime or Govt corruption, etc; then they will tell the blacks that South Africa or Africa is THE SAME AS THE REST OF THE WORLD! They will compare South Africa with America or Europe in some twisted way and tell the blacks that we are just the SAME as the First World!

Here is an example. Election rigging. In Africa, when the blacks rig elections, they rig them really big and blatantly. Our former traitor president, FW De Klerk, once told blacks in Nigeria that the ANC stole 1 million votes in the 1994 election and that he decided to let it be. In Zimbabwe, blacks would be beaten or harmed in other ways in order to get “the right” election outcome. Blacks, blatantly, go out and smash the opposition if they need to in elections. They’ll physically assault them, etc.

Compare that with the much more subtle election rigging and the rest of the Western world. Furthermore, most people in the First World, despite the corruption, still trust the system. Why? Because the break down there is very minor, compared to the blatant, open, rampant nature of things in Africa.

A Professor in the UK wrote a book about election rigging worldwide and produced this chart. This chart shows clearly, that the worst election rigging in the world IS IN AFRICA! But look at how it is portrayed, and twisted to mean the opposite, here in a big South African Liberal newspaper! They ignore the elephant in the room, Africa, and they say: Yep, we’re the SAME as the rest of the world! Then the black dummies think: Yeah, we’re cool! These are the shallow, disgusting, hypocritical, methods used here in South Africa for the last 24 years. They do it everywhere. Then the blacks think everything is cool, and EVERYONE ignores the fact that we are on the slippery slope to hell! This is why nobody in Africa really gives a shit. And you’ll see white Liberals and blacks too, doing this in newspapers all the time! This is how they lie to themselves and fool themselves while the ship is SINKING! Bunch of bloody idiots! Jan]

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This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

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