Video: Whites: Snow & push trucks: This would NEVER work in Africa – Never


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I wonder what the local White South Africans think of my assessment of these push trucks in America?

I was watching some interesting film footage of snow in North America, mostly America and cars sliding around in the ice. I was looking at the way your authorities have to try to use snow plows to get the ice off. That alone was impressive enough. But then I saw Push trucks – which go up behind other vehicles, including really big ones and they push them along. Stop the bus! That concept would NEVER work in Africa if we had snow. Push Trucks! Too complex, requires far too much judgment, appreciation of momentum, friction, etc. Forget it. If Blacks in Africa had to do this stuff … it would never work. Too dangerous. You people think nothing of this stuff. I assure you, if we had the ice and snow you have and we had to do it here, oh goodness,no. The driver of the big truck needs to know what he’s doing and the driver of the push truck needs to know even more. God no! This would never work!! I saw other film footage where both trucks are moving along at their full speeds and then the pusher truck is just behind and has to be there to "assist" on the hill. Goodness me no! Forget it! Forget it! We would NEVER be able to do such stuff here. The Blacks would not have the technical skills. Check this old White guy driving the pusher truck. He knows what he’s doing. This is beyond the skills of our lot. Totally impossible in Africa I tell you.

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