Did Nelson Mandela die in prison in the 1980s … and was he replaced by a body double?

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[A Canadian I know sent me this. Jan]

He wrote:

According to my research, Mandela died in the 80’s. Samora Michell’s wife was having an affair with a guy called Robert (can’t remember his surname). He looked identical to Mandela. They took him to UK and trained him for 5 years to play the part. You think its a coincidence that Samora was killed in a plane shot down over South Africa, then Mandela marries his wife???? Only problem is, he never learned to speak Xhosa properly. Mandela was also a member of The Knights of The Round Table (evil fuckers). Ramaphosa was a millionaire long before he became Vice President. He managed to get his hands on multiple mining concessions which he shared with his nephew Patrice Matsepe. I was friendly with his cousin, Ivan, who was totally pissed off that after his mother helped to raise Patrice, they were not given a cent. When Zuma was ousted, Ramaphosa rightfully took the Presidency.

I replied:
This is not true. The notion that Mandela died in prison and was replaced by a double is nonsense that I’ve discovered was spread in America by Liberals or Leftists. Mandela was in jail all the time. Though I must add, he actually had a whole house to himself as his "prison". He did not do hard labour for long. In the 1980s the Whites were treating him well (too well actually). He even boasted in his stupid biography that he signed off the Church Street Bombing, the biggest bombing in South African history when he was in jail!

As for the death of Samora Machel, I’ve told the story of what a top notch South African journalist told me personally over the phone. He told me that Machel’s plane crashed in South Africa and the first people who were on the scene saw lots of prostitutes and bottles of brandy. That’s the real reason the plane crashed.

I’ve said before I’m convinced Ramaphosa converted to Judaism about 10+ years ago.

I don’t know the inside of Matsepe. I’ve never spent time digging into his past.

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